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Verify Financial

The bond market needs a credit alternative. Verify’s on-line forum of vetted credit graders provide issue-specific, peer-sourced credit information previously unavailable on any industry platform. Their patent-pending process takes place on a secure platform, delivering critical and comprehensive insight that enhances the credit market landscape.


Though not a rating agency, Verify provides an alternative product within the marketplace. They sought out a distinct brand that could easily expand out to their platform and their messaging moving forward. GreyBox's proposed identity works on two different levels for the Verify brand. A simple distinct mark paired alongside a strong contemporary typeface to anchor the identity. With the unorthodox approach of rotating the underlined V letterform to act as a accent, this gives the logo a positive direction forward. Additionally, this "Verify Accent" works as a framing device to give Verify Grades a distinct look within their platform. Easily typed out on a keyboard, Verify Grades within the system can be easily input (>| 8.5 ) to allow for the core branding element to always be used.