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Redshift is a software development firm that provides solutions in sustainability, safety, medical treatment, risk assessment and scientific research. They combine pre-built software with custom development and design and build data gathering and analysis solutions that are innovative and reliable.



The logo aims to reflect the main services Redshift provides, which is large amounts of data gathered, formulated and output to produce information that is easily consumed. The left half of the logo represents the different points of data from various sources. The right half symbolic of bar charts or data at it’s most simplistic level.

The rest of the identity maintains the professionalism and diligence of Redshift and is an efficient visual for this web based technology. Additionally, GreyBox designed a fully responsive website which showcases the various solutions Redshift provides along with touches on the industries they work with and various case studies of their latest projects.


"GreyBox Creative tries to understand the personality of the user, and what type of feel we're looking to create for a particular site."

Juin Wang, President & Founder
Redshift Technologies

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