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Proactive Website Maintenance helps keep your website protected and secured from unwanted malicious attacks. This helps ensure that your website remains; clean, alive, backed-up and fully protected at all times.

Proactive Website Security and Maintenance

Over the last several years, website owners have been at an ever-increasing risk of unauthorized access to their websites, which result in database leaks, hacks, defacements, takedowns, spam-advertised leeching, and complete website deletion. There are several contributing factors, such as poor server-side security measures, poor code integrity, and outdated backend systems and plugins, which all combined offer hackers the perfect storm to attack such vulnerable websites. Most hackers regularly compile a list of websites which are vulnerable, and then in one mass strike, attack all of the websites on their list. As such, whether you are a small organization, or a major corporation, if your website is not secured properly, you are at equal risk of being attacked. This resulting downtime can be lengthy, disastrous, and very costly to fix in a reactionary way.

Our Offering

Because we at GreyBox Creative, have witnessed a large number of websites being attacked over the last several years, we decided to offer our clients a special proactive WordPress maintenance package, which works to help prevent website downtime due to unauthorized access from hackers and malicious attacks. Our proactive website maintenance aims to tighten security within the server-side as well as client-side, keep backend items such as platform and plugins up to date, monitor potential unauthorized activity, as well as have a smart backup plan in place, in case a previous version of the website needs to be restored. In essence, our proactive maintenance plan has all of the pieces in place to help prevent an attack from succeeding, as well as create a backup plan in the rare case that an attack successfully passes our strict security measures.

Server Side Security

The first aspect of our proactive website maintenance plan is all about server-side security. When we take on a new proactive website maintenance client, we first inspect their current hosting environment, and either make adjustments to ensure that the server itself would act as an effective first line of defense, or suggest a completely different hosting environment with better built in security measures, features, and support. The last thing you want is for your hosting environment to be a hindrance and source of risk, as opposed to a shield from outside attacks.

Code Integrity, Client-Side Security and Backups

The second and crucially important step we take during our proactive website maintenance program, is to ensure that all plugins, and backend environments are kept up to date. Outdated plugins, as well as backend systems are one of the most frequent weak points that hackers exploit and use to create back doors, and gain unauthorized high-level access to their targets’ websites. These updates are done first within a completely secure and separate location from the live website, in order to make sure that said updates will not break or alter the website in un-wanted ways due to code compatibility. Once all updates are checked, and code compatibility corrected, the updates are then pushed to the live environment. Beyond simply updating the website’s plugins and backend systems, code integrity checks are constantly performed to ensure that no unauthorized modifications, or known malware has been previously injected into the websites codes and files. This helps us maintain security from the onset, and well into the future.

As an additional measure, we implement daily, as well as “milestone” backups, should anything go wrong within the process. This allows us to easily restore any website that we are maintaining, as a last resort should any attack somehow make its way through all of the security protocols and practices we put in place, giving you, complete peace of mind.


Website security is something that you need to take seriously. If you have your own team of in house developers who have a proven record of maintaining and keeping websites from being attacked, then you are in good hands. However, if you do not have such a team, it’s time to speak with us, who have successfully brought back websites from the brink, and have helped protect a multitude of websites from thousands of attempted attacks. Arrange a free consultation with our website security expert here.


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