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Website content edits are essential for keeping your site up to date, searchable and functioning properly, ALL help in generating more traffic, better user experience and improved visibility.

It is well known that excellent salespeople are always refining their sales pitch, improving their sales material and developing new video presentations that are dynamic and compelling so they can better connect with a client..

A web site is a virtual sales person, would you want a salesperson on a sales call if they were not prepared?? …. So we ask you, are you updating your website?

If you are not reviewing and updating your sales tools and website you are certainly missing opportunities, not converting leads, losing potential leads and not up-selling existing clients. Ask yourself…, does my website stop, captivate and draw in the web traffic that passes by or does that traffic just continue on? The GreyBox Website Maintenance team can help you keep your website current which will help stop the traffic and have it browse your site. Furthermore, GreyBox can analyze that traffic to strategically offer solutions that increase sales.

When watching television, certain commercials, reach out to you because they, were informative, helpful, well understood and aesthetically pleasing. In order for your website to be appreciated the same way, you need a reliable website maintenance company that is responsive, experienced and offer helpful suggestions. All of these GreyBox qualities help generate leads, conversions and increase sales.

Look at your web site and ask yourself the following.

Is the content current, fresh and captivating?
Is your site free of unnecessary text?
Is your site free of grammatical errors?
Are topics and issues relevant?
Are team bios, current and properly written?
Are photos current the proper size and resolution?
Are images poignant, heart felt and compelling?

What works and what doesn’t work?

You may have someone at your company that handles your website maintenance but do they have the wherewithal that GreyBox possesses to know what web researchers and web purchasers want in a website? Is your “webmaster” timely with updates and do they have knowledge of SEO, PPC, ad targeting, web analytics and traffic, video optimization, website conversion experience and website prowess to know what search engines need to direct buyers to your company? Use the specialists to solve your website edits and maintenance problems and watch your website be more effective.

GreyBox makes it easy for you to transition to our team of experts for your web maintenance. Why should you allow your most valuable sales asset – your website – be ignored and go stale when you have the experts at GreyBox who can help you keep it updated and maintained to be a powerful source of leads.

General Website Requests:

Editing, Adding or Removing
  • Blog Posts
  • Contact Information
  • Employee Information
  • Text
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • PDF or Doc Files
  • New Page(s)
  • Removing Page(s)
  • Promotions, Sales, or Coupons
Editing, Adding or Removing
  • CMS Management
  • WordPress Updates
  • Joomla! Updates
  • Drupal Updates
  • Magento Updates
  • CMS Updates
  • Theme Changing
  • Adding and Updating Plugins
Editing, Adding or Removing
  • Price Changes
  • Quantity Updates
  • Description Changes
  • Image Updating
  • New Products
Editing, Adding or Removing
  • Daily Backups
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Meta Tag & SEO Changes
  • Security Monitoring
  • Uptime Monitoring

Advanced Web Maintenance Plans

When your website maintenance extends beyond cropping, or re-sizing images and programming beyond HTML / CSS then we would suggest our advanced service plans. If you are trying to change your websites overall look and feel, we have a re-design service package for your needs. If you are looking to add a shopping cart (programming), wish list or other widgets to your website to help promote sales, we have an E-commerce Design Package.

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