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The screen can only capture one dimension of a project. Print has a distinct personal look and feel that can deliver a big impact.

These days there are countless ways to connect with your target audience. In the past, the use of print communications was by far the most dominant and cost effective way to reach potential clients.

Just a short time ago, brochures were the main marketing piece used by businesses as a sales tool for distribution at client meetings, conferences, seminars and industry events. Although the web has reduced the need for such a company-wide bound brochure of this type, there are many other effective print marketing options that provide a great deal of flexibility and efficiency for any company. These custom designed “evergreen” marketing folders contain “slip in” sheets that are unbound and can be added or removed depending on the particular client or event. This solution avoids brochures that are rendered useless due to an address or partner change or any other company amendments that would require a reprint.

Creatively designed brochures can be another effective means of providing potential clients with information about your company or product. The marriage between effective writing and effective graphics that communicate your core message and brand can set you apart from the competition. One thing that has changed today is that a corporate brochure may be requested through your website, or after an initial meeting, often further along the sales process. But since it may be the final piece of information that is put in front of a company CEO when deciding between two vendors, its importance cannot be overlooked.

Another seemingly obsolete but still effective marketing tool is through conventional advertising or direct mail. Through creatively designed direct mail pieces, companies can reach their customers via postal mail. These materials include brochures, catalogs, newsletters and sales sheets to name a few. By using effective direct mail design, businesses have the chance to directly engage consumers by projecting a more personal approach to marketing, currently being utilized by Google.

This is one of the many different advantages of working with an experienced print communications design team. Our designers are always thinking of new and creative ways of presenting your information concisely, effectively and affordably through print marketing tools such as brochures, sales sheets and direct mail pieces.

Special Event Marketing

Special events often need investor relations materials that may require special attention. Many times, an experienced marketing design team is needed in order to guide you through your options for print and online distribution. If your firm is planning an event such as investor meetings, shareholder conferences, holiday parties, charity events or any other occasion, GreyBox can create dynamic event packages to help make each occasion become a memorable one. We are vastly experienced in creating extensive invitation packages that evoke a sense of excitement and professionalism for any event. GreyBox boosts the branding impact of the event with custom marketing materials such as posters, signage, booths and kiosks, premium items, gift tags and any other components that compliment the event or occasion.

GreyBox Creative will design and build HTML-rich emails and promotional marketing materials for events such as investor meetings, holiday cards, launch of new products, press releases, etc. There are web-based tools that allows you to blast out a message with a personal greeting to your list of clients while allowing them the ability to respond. For an event that requires tracking of those attending or not attending, this tool will streamline the entire process saving you time and money.

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