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The Army Ten-Miler is held every year in Arlington, Virginia and Washington, DC, sponsored by the U.S. Army Military District of Washington. The race draws a large number of civilian and military runners. To commemorate the 30th Anniversary, the U.S. Army commissioned GreyBox Creative to design a logo to be used for promotion of the event and for use on a variety of materials.



The classic shape and structure of military patches was our inspiration for the lockup of the mark.  We wanted the logo to be bold and dynamic and immediately recognizable as entity of the US Army.  The central graphic of the army boot is a hybrid of a classic army boot and the winged achilles foot to tie together the running theme of the event.  We used bold typography along with the classic black and gold of the army for all of the branded elements.  Utilizing the various graphics of the logo along with the typography allowed us to create alternative graphics for use for the event.


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