Our Work

Inline Realty

Inline Realty is a boutique real estate brokerage firm focused on the retail segment of the metro New York market and specializes in Tenant Representation, Owner Representation, Investment Sales and Consulting Services. Inline continues to work with many of the most recognizable brands in America, specializing in first floor boutique size retail office spaces.


Initial concepts focused on “space” rather than structures. A graphical interpretation of buildings as that symbolic representation has already saturated the marketplace within their industry. In the creative process, an overhead image of the city inspired the thought behind the logo. When looking down, the grid-like structure of streets, criss crossing forming blocks. This was very similar to looking at a map. This fit the mold for Inline, they dealt with retail space on any number of streets and blocks. A bold inline letter form of the “I” split to be representative of streets and a block.
We expanded the identity by creating various textures using the letter form to create overhead street or map views. The tagline for the firm came to write itself and worked in conjunction with the identity...Putting You On The Map.