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This high-end medical spa is one of the finest not only in Manhattan but around the world. They have been at the forefront of medical advances and anti-aging technology, helping clients looking and feeling young.



The overall identity we created has a fair balance of medical to spa feel. The logo is a representation of the various services that the medspa offers, combining together to form a whole. A simple water droplet anchors together the two letterforms. The droplet is symbolic of hydration, cleansing and nurturing, all elements of healthy skin care that Tribeca promotes.  Throughout the identity, neutral tones of color along with simplistic shapes of nature and science were blended together to merge the ideas of natural beauty and science.

The website carried this clean neutral tone throughout, as the appeal had to be equal for both women and men. Simple dynamic elements were used to enhance the site in order to be easy to navigate and access information without a lot bouncing around from section to section. Continuously updated content such as Tips of the Day, Facts and Advice and ongoing blog entries were implemented to keep the website current and engaging while driving users to continuously access the site for updated information pertaining to skin care and health issues.


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