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Teleful helps homeowners select the right internet, cable, and home security systems that is specific to their particular needs. Whether new homeowners or customers moving, they help navigate the often difficult selection process of choosing the right vendors and their often confusing bundled offerings by providing clear solutions to ensure customers are getting the latest available prices and plans.



We led a brand discovery workshop with Teleful that examined their competitive landscape, aligned goals, and established a brand personality. This strategy exercise helped identify their target audience, mapped their offerings and helped springboard the key messaging, creative and visual development moving forward.

The resulting logo illustrates simplistic connection of homeowners with todays internet which is the core of their services. The visual style positions Teleful as straightforward provider that delivers clear and concise solutions to their customers. The identity system was created to meet the needs of the various aspects of the brand and applied to stationery, print and digital ads and a brand new website experience. Through our efforts along with the client, we accomplished a strong strategic and visual launch for the Teleful brand and their online marketing efforts.


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