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Stonework Design & Consulting is a natural stone and tile contracting firm servicing the hotel, restaurant, retail, corporate and high end residential market.



We started with a discovery workshop which took place in midtown Manhattan that brought together the braintrust of the Stonework team including the; CEO, Estimator, Operations Director and a few other client facing employees that added a diverse perspective. James lead the workshop and shortly after produced an outtake document that charted the path for the writing on the website and all creative execution.

The graphical identity focuses on a clean aesthetic which signified superior craftsmanship while delivering the ultimate project experience. The logo represents attributes of these products and services. It features various angled cuts within a three dimensional space, representative of stone and tile pieced together creating the floors you stand on and the walls you see around. The core colors of blue and gold add a distinct touch of professionalism symbolic with the quality of work and craftsmanship attributed to each job.

The website design emphasizes the brands clean aesthetic with simple typography and imagery of past work and that plays an important role by visually showcasing the professionalism of the firm and the type of work Stonework has produced. Users can easily navigate the site to view Stonework’s capabilities and services along with their growing portfolio of work.


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