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Transparent Retail is a beacon that brings clarity, through data and critical insight, to the decision-makers who are creating the future of retail.  Through the combination of qualitative and quantitative data, they offer high-touch subscription services that includes digital access to data and personalized consulting with a network of experts in the retail industry.



The initial strategy workshop determined the ethos of Transparent Retail and pinpointed the target market.  Taglines and marketing copy was written to set the tone of voice for the brand.   The first step or our design process started with the logo.  We wanted the mark to convey a sense of data and unity and have a meaningful representation of the firm.  The logo consists of various bars and data points as they merge and intersect to create the T letterform.  The elements of the mark come from three directions, symbolic of the three cornerstones of Transparent Retail; concise data, strategic advisors, intuitive mapping platform.  After we established the initial brand standards, GreyBox designed a public facing website which highlights the firms services and offerings and allows for demo access.  We additionally designed the framework for the user platform establishing layouts and hierarchy of information along with the look and feel for data tables and charting information to be consistent with the brand throughout.


"Every detail and scope of our project was given hands-on attention."

Marc Heller, Founder
Transparent Retail

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