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Scratch Event DJs brings high quality DJs, making it easy to consistently have energizing brand experiences that keep people coming back for more.  Scratch has established the largest network of DJs to provide clients with high quality, curated DJs for any event, in any location at any time.



GreyBox Creative along with our brand strategy partner Limbic Brand Evolution led an extensive evolution of the Scratch Event DJs brand.

Scratch Event DJs is the largest corporate DJ booking company with a network of over 7,500 highly screened DJs. They’ve serviced over 125,000 events in all 50 US states and 35 countries. The Scratch team recognized it was time for a brand refresh, including strategy, messaging, and visual identity, so that their website and marketing would be more successful at bringing new clients into their loyal customer base.

We started with brand strategy that sought to deeply understand the most important benefits that are most important to their clients who frequently work with Scratch to bring a DJ into their corporate, hospitality or retail events. While the brand often talks about rational benefits, such as the ROI of having a DJ, we learned that the most compelling benefits were emotional, including the quality, reliability and ease of working with Scratch, making Scratch the go-to resource for having the right DJ, in the right place, at t. This led “Curated DJs. Anytime. Anywhere.” as the new brand idea and tagline. We also created a messaging hierarchy that prioritized the core brand benefits, and sub-benefits that related directly to their various client types, from c-suite executives to the day-to-day event planners.

We then evolved Scratch’s visual identity by establishing a new logo and delivered a brand guideline that codified; key messaging, tone, imagery, color and the key visual identity items including the website and printed materials.

You can hear all about the Scratch Brand Evolution, here on the Let’s Talk Limbic Sparks podcast, episode 23 – “Keeping People Coming Back for More,” where our strategy partner, Kevin Perlmutter from Limbic Brand Evolution interviewed Rob Principe, the CEO of Scratch.


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