Our Work

Luxury Big Island

LBI is a boutique size luxury real estate company located on the Big Island of Hawaii. They specializing finding some of the most affluent people in the world; resort homes, ranch estates, vacant land and oceanfront properties located on the Big Island.


We were approached by the owner of LBI to rebrand his company. We created simple and straightforward crest that has an upscale and quiet sophistication. The shield within the middle holds together the elements of the mark. A simple key is integrated within the mark to symbolize realty, while he circular braid that encompasses the mark is an abstract and simplistic nod towards the Hawaiian Lei.
Before any of our creative work began we needed to work through the positioning and messaging of this luxury service provider. This was done by establishing a defined target persona through discovery findings and making strategic recommendations. In this case, the target audience was so clearly defined that we gave him a name.
GreyBox designed a fully responsive website that will help affluent home seekers or investors quickly find the properties they desire when accessing the site via; desktop, tablet or mobile device.