Our Work


Gemlok Jewelry is a world-renowned jewelry manufacturer based in Manhattan. Their patented "bar" setting, later trademarked as Gemlok, was an innovative setting technique that was an original, elegant new look, but also a "technically" more secure and snag-proof way of setting diamonds and precious stones. Jean Vitau Redux is their fashion-oriented line of jewelry, inspired by the vibrant beauty of nature, rendered in the most vividly hued precious jewels. Jean Vitau Creations are the ultimate merging of creativity, the artist's palette and the master jeweler's art.


The Gemlok name stems from a patented "bar" setting, trademarked as Gemlok, as an innovative setting technique created by originator, Jean Vitau. The construction of the logo graphically represents how this bar setting looks and works. The outside bars encapsulate the circle and interlocking G’s. The interlocking G letter forms represent two names of the company and brand Gemlok and Gemveto.
The color palette of deep brown and black coupled with cream was established to be subtle and elegant. We created additional jewel and prism patterns to be used on print materials and stationery items. The business cards were letterpress on one side with the logo stamped in black foil over brown for a very understated and elegant card.
We designed a simplistic housing kit to accommodate announcement cards and promotional cards to be sent out to customers and used at trade shows. As an alternative to customized die cuts with flaps and folds, we created a simple package which was scored and folded in half. The inside had two cut slits to allow us to feed through vellum slips that wrapped around were affixed with a sticker. The announcement and promotional cards were held in place by the vellum and allowed for Gemlok to customize the package whenever they want.