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Fusion IQ is a web-based software platform, which uses unique proprietary tools, developed for individual investors, as well as customized solutions for fund managers and traders. The ranking system fuses technical and fundamental metrics together producing one simple score. The system is used to generate stock picking ideas as well as help with risk management.



GreyBox designed Fusion’s entire identity. The logo created is a dynamic mark consisting of equal swirling elements fusing together, representative of the various different data sets and information that FusionIQ takes into account upon scoring and ranking individual stocks.  We established a core color palette which speaks to the financial technology sector and allows for a concise brand throughout their various marketing documents and website.  The outside public website was designed to outline the various tools and information FusionIQ’s platform offers along with the firms history and background.  Additionally, we designed the user interface of the web-based investor tools.  We wanted to establish a clean and concise layout allowing the user to focus on the content and easily be able to navigate the many offerings of the site offers.  Critical to the sites look and feel were the interface of the data tables and interactivity of the many functions each user can utilize.


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