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Angle Park is a Chicago based film and video production company that specializes in the digital/software side of exhibition components for cultural institutions and museums. They create exhibit audio/video and digital interactives for museums and experiential spaces.



Angle Park offers a great capacity for “storytelling.” The narrative focus that they bring to the table enables them to produce high quality digital components that create opportunities for learning while telling a story that draw museum visitors in.

Our strategy team performed a discovery workshop that produced a brand value map and pyramid. Following the initial discovery, persona interviews were performed, which produced competitive advantage diagrams along with a tagline “Enabling brave storytellers”. Distilled into a 56 page outtake document it set the tone for all creative work and hiring moving forward.

The logo aims to “cut out the clutter” and deliver a straightforward and simple solution. The main brackets framing the word-mark are a correlation with the ‘space’ which viewers observe and digital displays they interact with. Paired with a geometric sans serif font, the logo carries a single weight throughout creating an equal balance and strong foundation.


"They’re very good at discovering what the meaning of the identity should be and then translating that visually."

Martin Baumgaertner

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