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Why it Pays to Publish Diverse Marketing Materials

One of the mistakes you can commit in handling your company’s online marketing efforts is offering just one type of marketing materials to your audience. Expert marketing strategists, however, stress the utmost importance of producing diverse types of content. Here is a list of reasons why it pays to do so: Diversity of content keeps your page from becoming boring. After a while, visitors of your page will very likely get tired of looking at text on your sites, especially if they are not the reader type. You should then be able to spice it up with videos, podcasts, news articles, infographics, photo essays, games, even quizzes. Actually, there is a very wide range of things you can offer your audience, such that there is no excuse for you to just continue posting blog entries each time. Forbes, in fact, published a list of 100 killer marketing content ideas. Your page will cater to more people. Related to the first point, your audience will not always be come from the same age or interest group. Some of them might be kids who would love to participate in interactive games. Some of them might be students who are looking for a slideshow reference for their class requirement. Some of them might be teenagers who could waste hours watching Vines. Some of them might be busy parents who only have alone time when they drive home from work or after dropping off their kids at school, and they might like to spend it listening to podcasts. By developing different kinds of materials, you draw a broader market to your pages, creating greater buzz for your brand and your offerings. Most search engines like it. They say search engines grow smarter by the day, and so we all need to keep up accordingly. Indeed, search engine optimization (SEO) pundits reveal that Google, Bing, and other search engines now more favourably rank websites that feature different kinds of content, a marked leap from many years ago when they just focused on the written word. That variety will only serve to benefit your pages and your brand SEO-wise is quite commonsensical: when users type keywords on the search button, your site will have a greater probability to show up on more than one tab. For example, on Google, search results linked to your website will be on the Web, Images, Videos or other tabs. A more diverse content will also improve the likelihood of your pages being linked back to by other websites on the net. Wouldn’t you want that kind of exposure for your corporate brand or products? Struggling to produce effective marketing materials that will drive a greater amount of traffic to your website and social media pages? GreyBox Creative might be able to help. GreyBox Creative is a New York-based agency that employs a team of marketing experts as well as graphic designers who can craft innovative and catchy marketing content to boost your brand. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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