Marketing Materials

For a potential client, each branded piece a company puts out is a direct reflection of their business and message

With the power of the financial services industry shifting away from the banks, financial services firms are rethinking their strategies in order to distinguish themselves in this increasingly crowded market. In this new era, many firms are learning that one of the most important assets they possess is their brand identity. Hedge Funds, Fund of Funds, Private Equity, RIA’s and other investment firms are now seeing branding as a key asset on their corporate balance sheets. These firms realize the importance of reaching their clients and are now doing everything possible to see that their marketing materials communicate their brand message effectively.

Strategically designed promotional marketing materials that communicate a cohesive message across all mediums have now become a necessity and essential in growing your assets under management. GreyBox Creative has over two decades of experience in creating complete corporate identity systems for many of the top Hedge Funds in New York. After branding our first Hedge Fund client in 1994 we have seen our clients and the industry grow from its infancy into an industry that is now worth over two trillion dollars.

Pitchbooks & Factsheets

Your messaging and brand identity must be distinctive, recognizable and memorable. Most often, this starts with a strategically designed logo and stationery system – the core elements in establishing a corporate identity for your firm. Once an identity system has been established, our team of industry experts provides custom design solutions for promotional marketing materials to be included in the marketing pitchbooks. This often includes content creation, cover and interior design, layout of text pages, development of illustrations and models, and clean interpretations of performance figures into comprehensible charts and graphs. Our team works with each client to ensure that the finished product provides you with the greatest opportunity to attract new assets. This also usually accompanies a fact sheet for the firm or fund. The content is displayed in a comprehensive format and can include a firm profile, fund specific performance, data-related statistical information and management overview. The logo, pitchbook and factsheet are thought of as the core set of custom marketing materials necessary to get started.

Outside of pitchbooks and factsheets, there are other vehicles like marketing folders, monthly reports or firm overviews that we design as well as update on a monthly basis. The GreyBox document management team is comprised of financial production experts dedicated to applying all edits, changes, modifications and performance updates to clients’ documents, including promotional marketing materials. We handle these types of production needs for some of the most well respected asset managers across the country. Our clients make requests via email or fax and are offered two options for turnaround time: standard and rush.

Special Event Marketing

Special events often need investor relations materials that may require special attention. Many times, an experienced marketing design team is needed in order to guide you through your options for print and online distribution. If your firm is planning an event such as investor meetings, shareholder conferences, holiday parties, charity events or any other occasion, GreyBox can create dynamic event packages to help make each occasion become a memorable one. We are vastly experienced in creating extensive invitation packages that evoke a sense of excitement and professionalism for any event. GreyBox boosts the branding impact of the event with custom marketing materials such as posters, signage, booths and kiosks, premium items, gift tags and any other components that compliment the event or occasion.

GreyBox Creative will design and build HTML-rich emails and promotional marketing materials for events such as investor meetings, holiday cards, launch of new products, press releases, etc. Our web-based tool allows you to blast out a message with a personal greeting to your list of clients while allowing them the ability to respond. For an event that requires tracking of those attending or not attending, this tool will streamline the entire process saving you time and money.

Investor Relations Platform

Aside from its creative and print design services, GreyBox provides a complete website solution/investor relations platform to our financial clients. Developed at Bank of America’s Prime Brokerage division, GreyBox Creative is able to offer this robust online investor relations solution to money managers at an extremely competitive price. This web-based reporting platform enables financial clients to manage workflow and produce accurate and timely information by aggregating data in one location. It allows investor relations professionals, investors and prospects, fast and secure access to information. This online website solution can provide transparency on performance attribution, portfolio liquidity, fund performance, investor net and gross returns, tax data, audit information, and fund exposure. The system also has the ability to produce audit trails for both administration of data and end user functionality, satisfying the strictest compliance officers. This modular system is the most effective and secure way for money managers to disseminate information 24/7 through a fully branded website. We continuously improve this already robust platform based on client feedback and the changing needs of the industry.

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GreyBox Creative has formed strong client relationships with many financial services firms, operating seamlessly like an in-house department providing a full suite of custom marketing materials, tools and services. Other related services on offer include: Monthly Updates to performance numbers, Online Reputation Management and Printing Management.