The 5 Things Businesses Can Do To Improve Their Branding

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At GreyBox Creative, we provide B2B brands like yours with strategies that help attract your ideal consumer over and over again. We believe brands that deliver a clear consistent message to all customer touchpoints can become a company’s greatest asset. Our creative brand design agency has a reputation for being one of the top brand agencies in NYC.

We take pride in helping global businesses and non-profit organizations elevate their brands with custom, consumer-centric solutions that speak directly to the target audience. You’re likely wondering how branding can make an impact on your organization.

Here are five things your business can do to grow your branding efforts:

1.) Connect Your Brand to a Mission and a Set of Values

Creating an identity for your brand can be a challenge. Your brand identity defines what your business stands for and how you can do the best good for others. The best way to establish your brand is by creating a mission statement and a set of core values.


Vision statements are the North Star of your business strategy. They describe what you want your business to be long-term and the road map to get there.

Mission and vision statements help your brand gain direction. A unique selling point (USP) enables you to stand out against your competitors. USPs are statements that combine three things:

  • Business strengths
  • Customer desires
  • What your competition lacks and does well

When crafting your USP, aim for uniqueness. Create a message for your audience that gives value in ways your competitors can not match. Brand strategies that focus on these aspects will help your business be authentic and invigorate your sales team that will unleash its growth.

2.) Positioning & Key Messaging

Positioning & Key Messaging there are two key elements of positioning for Brand Identity. First, it is important to understand your brand personality attributes, setting the tone for how the brand comes to life and establishing the words that guide brand expression. Second, start to establish the high level massaging that captures the emotional benefits and brand personality that guide the development of the brand story, elevator pitch, visual identity and website homepage.

3.) Establish a Consistent Visual Identity

Visuals are influential to people and can mean thousands of words. As you create your brand’s visual identity, consider feelings you want it to evoke. Whether we’re discussing your website, online marketing, or offline marketing channels, you’ll want your visual identity to be built on a strategic foundation and consistent throughout. Your logo should be authentic and capture the essence of your organization. If done properly, it will become the cornerstone on which your entire visual identity will be built.

When establishing brand colors, keep the needs of your target audience in mind. For example, green could be a great color choice for an eco-friendly brand or possibly blue to evoke trust.

Our brand design agency provides visual identities that make your brand unique, authentic and appealing to your target audience.

4.) Invest in Growing Your SEO Efforts

Search engine optimization (SEO) will play a role in helping your brand catch the eyes of people. Since most people rarely head past Page One of search results, you’ll need a targeted SEO strategy. Here are some of the best ways to use SEO to grow your brand:

  • Build backlinks with relevant and reputable sites.
  • Create blog posts or video content.
  • Keep your page up to speed.
  • Make your page easy for your site visitors to access.
  • Target the right keywords.
  • Internal Link Building to blog or page content

People-focused SEO will help attract the right audience to your page and put you on track toward brand growth.

5.) Build on Your Reputation Management

Reviews can influence how people view your brand and if they’ll do business with you. Consumers check online reviews before they set foot in your business and trust them as much as their peers.

If you get a negative review, it doesn’t mean losing out on customers. When these events occur, address the customer’s concerns and find solutions that best resolve their issues. Consumers will likely give your business a positive outlook and may even provide you with a positive review.

When customers leave a positive review, leave them a thank you message. After customers interact with your brand, ask them for a review. A consumer-first approach will help your brand gain the trust of your consumers.

Choose a Brand Design Agency That Will Unleash Grow

At GreyBox Creative, our team focuses on creating brand strategies that help connect you with your customers. We’re a brand design agency that helps businesses like yours enhance their brand image and gain consumers’ confidence and provides your sales teams with the printed and online tools they need to grow the business.

Contact us today, and let us help you take the first step in growing your brand.

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