Successful brands start with answers to the questions 'why?' and 'how?' – During our brand strategy phase, we will dive deep into further defining your competitive edge and crystallizing your brand DNA in order for your brand to deeply connect with its audience and for your team to be aligned from the get go.

We craft your brand’s strategy jointly over the course of two consecutive days as we collaborate in two 4-hour sessions as a team via video-conference. With acclaimed brand strategist and author Fabian Geyrhalter leading you through his proven Resonaid® method, we will build the foundation for your brand which will provide you with focus and clarity while leading seamlessly into the GreyBox creative process.


Strategic Clarity From Within

With all the key stakeholders from your company involved and a great process in tow, answering the big questions will come easily and everyone will be on the same page from Day 1 of your branding effort.  We ask a lot of questions to understand your business, your challenges, and what’s working well.  We’ll dig deep into your business and goals to identify the essential components of your deep and potent brand: audiences, unique offerings, brand personality, and big idea.


A Brand Foundation For Growth

During our intensive, we will unite, define, and solidify your brand’s core pillars:

  • Positioning Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Brand DNA
  • Brand Core Values
  • Brand Personality Suite
  • Points of Difference
  • Brand Philosophy
  • Brand Identity Associations
  • Competitor Brand Analysis
  •  Target Audience Personas

Your Brand’s Soul, Manifested

After our sessions, we will equip you with a summary document outlining the analysis, strategy, and recommended actions. 

The first page of the summary document will be a key component when onboarding your internal and external teams to the new brand ideology, making it also a crucial document that will influence everything that you and us will do with your brand thereafter.

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