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Keep Your Customers Coming with Innovative Marketing Materials

Successful companies are built on a sustainable business model, and the use of marketing materials based on strategies that aim not just for one-time buyers, but a very loyal bunch of customers who are expected to come back for a product or service again and again. Below are some tried-and-tested ways to make everyone a repeat customer: Get their contact details. It begins with knowing the ways you could reach them. Ask for their e-mail address the first time, and give them a good reason to part with this personal information. For instance, you can offer them an instant freebie. Then, you can invite them to follow your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts, so that they will be constantly updated about your brand and your offerings. Send reminders. Once you have their contact details, you can also send them a reminder for when they might need to buy again. More or less, you would already have an idea when your buyer will finish his supply of your product, whether it’s paper supplies for their office, or toiletries for their home, or even farm produce to fill their fridge with. If you’re in doubt, it pays to ask if they need to restock their house or office with your product. Make sure you give all the relevant details so that they can make that repeat purchase – for example, the branch nearest to them, your telephone numbers, or if you have ongoing promotions for that product. Give plenty of options for their next purchase. There are many ways by which you can earn a customer. They might just have passed by your store on a random roadtrip, and might not have the time to come back again. Let them know what options are available for them – say, shipping to their home, or pickup at an establishment – anything that signifies that you are committed to forging a long-term relationship with each of your customers. Inform them about the rewards for returning customers. If you want them to be back, give them a reason to be back. There are many ways to go about it. You may offer them a chance to win a prize, or even give an automatic discount on their next visit. You may also print boards with boxes that you can stamp on after each purchase, with the promise of free purchase for the last box. Ship fast and be extra nice. Finally, the most important way to get them hooked to your brand is if they got exceptional service the first time. Train your staff so that each customer leaves with a smile on their face when they exit your store, or complete the buying process online. Partner with a fast and reliable shipping company, and try to deliver earlier than you say in your marketing materials. Soon, it will be them calling you for more supply, and not the other way around! To learn more about devising effective and creative marketing strategies using custom marketing materials, get in touch with us here at GreyBox Creative. We will be more than glad to assist you in creating a loyal patron out of each of your customers!

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