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Bringing in the Extra in Social Media Marketing

So you’ve successfully created pages on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media platforms for your company. Congratulations! However this first step only gets you inside the world of social media marketing. To decisively conquer this new arena, you need to be able to bring in the extra, in the eyes of the general public. Bringing in the extra means going above and beyond the expected routine transactions you have with each of your customers. While this can sound very tedious, a nice touch can in fact be delivered through simple, everyday gestures. Saying thank you all the time. Did a Twitter user post about you? Whether it is positive or negative, thank them for their feedback. Did a Facebook user share your promo announcement? Thank them for simply making that effort to talk about your brand. And whenever your company accomplishes something, always make it a point to thank your customers along with your industry partners. Gratitude is a positive feeling that you would like to be associated with your brand. Indeed, being thankful only serves to create a cycle of giving. At the same time, it gives your brand the impression of being accessible. Send gifts randomly. A video of Taylor Swift recently went viral over the holidays, where she can be seen preparing thoughtful, personalized gifts for her fans based on their social media posts. Naturally, they were very grateful when the gifts arrived at their homes, with her bringing them in person. Your business can do the same. Did a guest at your restaurant publish a blog entry that’s a glowing review about the food you served as well as her dining experience? Maybe you can concoct a dish especially for her based on what she enjoyed the most at your establishment and have it delivered to her doorstep. For special days of the years, such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day or your company anniversary, you can also send out discount coupons or gift vouchers to random followers of your social media pages. Share knowledge. From time to time, give your followers on social media the gift of information that is relevant to your brand. Ask them what it is they would like to know more about, and invest resources to deliver it. Are you in the business of providing financial consultancy? A link to a good e-book that they can easily download, or even a video tutorial that you produced will be very much appreciated. In the end, these efforts on social media marketing also benefit you and your brand development. You create a following of customer who will feel that they enjoy a personal relationship with you, and you will gain consumer insight that will help you in developing your products and services. To learn more about how to master this burgeoning space of social media, get in touch with us at GreyBox Creative. We specialize in providing full-service marketing solutions for clients big and small, and take pride in our experienced team of marketing professionals.

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