We Offer A Complete
360° Branding Solution

Our complete process is a deep engagement that often takes the path of five different phases. We start by gathering internal and external insight. Then we turn this into a robust brand strategy that can transform your organization. We make sure every employee is aligned on how this strategy impacts their daily work. And of course, we make sure you look the part with a beautifully executed visual brand.

1_ Discovery
Brand strategy diagnostic workshop

Each engagement starts with a discovery workshop that includes the braintrust of the organization, staff members from various levels of the organization that can offer different points of view. Sometimes we also include partners or consultants that are close to the organization. The Brand Pyramid provides the framework that help organizations answer five fundamental questions and builds momentum around the project objectives due to the collaborative nature of the workshop. The deliverable from the workshop is an outtake document that will act as a company playbook for the employees of the organization and guide any creative execution going forward. Here is a quick glimpse into a workshop we lead, at our Brooklyn office, for Cuzin’s Duzin which was part of a new show called Hustle on the Viceland network. › VIEW WORKSHOP

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2_ Research
Qualitative research

Understanding how your customers perceive your organization is of utmost importance, since their perception is reality. So gathering this outside perspective often is both enlightening as well as reaffirming. Our qualitative approach with key target groups allows us to get behind the can’t say or won’t say through projective techniques used during the interview process. We leverage our advanced toolset to help establish a competitive advantage for your organization and where it intersects with the needs of your customer. If desired, other quantitative research can be performed on key issues that sometimes emerge.

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3_ Strategy
Action recommendations

Now that we gathered insight from both internal and external resources, during the previous steps, we now need to condense it all into a positioning statement which defines your ideal client, the space you compete within and your unique value proposition. We craft this statement which becomes the foundation in which all verbal communications will be built upon. The value proposition statement is often both inspirational and aspirational and brings along with it a sense of pride, ownership and enthusiasm within your team since they know that their participation helped shape this guiding statement. This work can then be used as a rubric for measuring its alignment to the brand strategy for any and all creative projects moving forward.

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4_ Alignment
Internal application of the brand

What good is it if you do all this great strategic work and it never gets used and it starts to collect dust on the shelf or becomes a pdf buried on a hard drive or server. After doing such robust work and setting a plan that can transform your organization the implementation becomes paramount as it should guide the decisions of each employee on a daily basis across the organization. This is done again through a collaborative workshop that converts a bunch of abstract words into real actions and behaviors that employees contend with on a daily basis, giving them an agreed upon framework on how best to act and respond in a manner the is consistent with the brand.

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5_ Creative Execution
External application of the brand

Now it’s time to bring it all together. We now understand our customer, our culture and our competition. We have defined our goals and figured out how to clearly communicate both internally and externally making our message sing with visually compelling graphics that are grounded in strategy. Our process ensures that our creative speaks to an audiences needs and business goals and not personal preferences. Our creative services start with things like; taglines, logos and corporate identity systems, websites and marketing communications both in print and online and ends with the maintenance of these services from both a creative and technical standpoint.

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