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Brand Development: Reinforcing Ethical Branding

Amid the different socioeconomic, environmental, cultural, and political concerns facing most countries nowadays, many companies have become inspired to integrate a more socially relevant approach to the way they produce and market their products and services. The result is a brand development process that is based on promoting ethical consciousness among today’s consumers. Here are ways to reinforce your company’s ethical branding: Promote the experience. Ethical branding taps into the humanitarian ethos that exists in every consumer, by highlighting such concerns as fair trade, animal rights, environment-friendliness, and benefit to the community, especially the less fortunate. A good company also provides their customers with opportunities to witness the organization’s commitment to these values, and not just see the claims on paper. Some examples would be tours to the production floor or venue organized for interest groups, from students, to members of the press, to business associations, as well as the general public. Examples of businesses that can take advantage of this strategy are those that in the clothing and food manufacturing industries. Treat and train the employees well. The organization’s employees are in the best position to talk about its conscience and social commitment. But to do so, they need to be provided first and foremost with a competitive compensation package, as well as a safe and comfortable working environment. Moreover, they must be properly oriented on the corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts being conducted, lest they take it for granted as a standard procedure among all businesses. Employees should be able to appreciate the rationale and the impact of the company’s efforts, so that they will be able to talk about it with others confidently and complement it with knowledge from their personal experience. Partner with true advocates and cause-oriented organizations. It is very easy to make claims about whether a company’s operations are environmentally sound and relevant to the community. But these claims should then be supported with testimonies from outside the company, especially actual leaders in the community, as well as known advocates of the particular cause. Businesses should also select partners with a long and documented history of working with the grassroots. These cause-oriented organizations can also be tapped as direct beneficiaries of CSR activities, such as fun runs or telethons. Post creatively designed collaterals regularly. Infographics, short video clips, news articles, and photo essays are just some of the materials that a company can use to promote its ethical practices. These can then be posted on the company’s website, social media accounts, and newsletters on a regular basis. The services of a graphic design agency can also be enlisted to come up with collaterals that feature a good balance between promoting the cause, and highlighting the company’s social relevance. To walk your company through the rigorous process of brand development, get in touch with us here at GreyBox Creative. From our headquarters in New York, we offer a diverse clientele – belonging to such industries as financial services, healthcare, food and beverage, and technology – a full range of effective, cost-efficient, and strategic marketing solutions.

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