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Logo Design Before and After

A logo redesign may seem like a daunting task and easy to put off, however making the commitment to breathe new life into something that may have worked for a while, even a long time, can pay off significantly. Throughout the years, we have come across many successful clients that had some of the most poorly executed branding that often left us shocked by their level of success. The people behind the business were often smart, the business was sound and they got by on their expertise in the field. Once these clients decide to take their business to the next level and start to focus on building a brand, that is where the true payoff begins.

First impressions are vital

Customers can make a decision on a business within the first few seconds of their first encounter. Often your logo and name is the first thing they see, so having a strong logo and professional image that captures the essence of your organization is vital and enough to hook a potential customer. If you are shopping online and come across a website that offers a product you are looking for but the website has an amateur look and bad overall branding, this becomes an immediate red flag. Am I getting ripped off? Is this company reputable, who else is out there that can provide this product or service? Consumers want a brand that makes them feel comfortable and safe knowing they are making a right decision. No matter the business, a case can be made for any industry, whether it’s a business to consumer or business to business, people need to be comfortable that the money they plan to invest is a sound investment. If your appearance is lacking professionalism and polish, your potential targets will recognize this from the start putting you behind your competition. Would we hire a candidate that showed up at a job interview in ripped jeans and t-shirt? Maybe the design industry might appreciate that casualness and chalk it up to “creative expression” but in most cases this would raise a red flag. The same goes for your brand. If you look like crap, do you really care about what you are selling or what you represent? These are questions in the minds of the potential buyer.

Logos Before and After

Why Rebrand

When is rebranding necessary? That question comes down to many different factors. Many large companies go through large rebranding efforts to infuse new life into their existing brands and this generally occurs if there is a change in their internal business or their business environment around them which warrants a shift in focus. Sometimes it’s merely an outdated brand image that has lost its luster over time. Many times these rebranding efforts are necessary to appeal to a new generation or keep pace with their competitors, but there are a lot of risks associated with redesigning a logo that has equity built over time and if the launch of these is unsuccessful, the potential loss in revenue becomes extraordinary so choosing the right partner is paramount.

But these are risks that companies make every day and leaps of faith they endure.  Everyone loves a makeover. Think of the countless shows on TV which showcase makeovers of homes. What was once new and fresh years ago has now become stale and outdated. What do they do? Working with the foundation and space of that home, they may tear it down and start fresh or gut the space and come up with new and interesting ways to improve the design and layout infusing new life into a home immediately increasing the value. This is the exact same principle behind the brand of your business. We still work with the foundation and principles of the company, but are now showcasing you in a new light. By choosing an established agency you can draw on their wealth of experience and their deep understanding of strategy and design to effectively create a successful brand from the start.

So what makes a great logo?

Logos should be simple and unique

Is your logo balanced or symmetrical? We are attracted to symbols that adhere to organization, alignment, and symmetry. Looking at some of today’s most successful brands, McDonalds, Nike, Apple and in terms of their logos, the simplicity and structure are uncomplicated and easy to digest in ones mind, and flexible so it can be used in any medium. At the same time, while logos need to be simple and have a solid foundation of form and structure they also need to be unique and this is where the challenge lies. How can we create something that is simple, timeless but at the same time, truly unique? That is why many logo projects take a lot of time, conceptualization and refinement. The final mark might be extremely simple and strike that perfect balance of simplicity and uniqueness, but this end result generally comes from countless hours of creative refinement which often consists of chipping away and the removal of as much as possible. But a logo is not your brand. These are two separate things, but a logo plays a large part in giving a brand its identity and becomes a building block upon which a brand can be built.

Logos Before and After 2

Be memorable

A logo should be able to express the message and vision a company upholds. Logos do not need to be a literal interpretation of the product or service. While many industries offer numerous artistic options to draw from to incorporate into a design, this is not always the case for many. Abstract forms, shapes and color can paint a picture of something unique and represent the ideals of the business it represents. Some of the greatest marks bring along an “aha” moment, the longer you look at it, the more your brain interprets and finds hidden meaning within the mark. The longer you can get people looking at your logo, the better their recall of your business becomes more significant and can set you apart from your competitors. These days, great design and branding spreads virally, as more people interact with a product or service they find intriguing, they forward or share this with their friends and colleagues. Dynamic design that is compelling and unique can spread amongst the masses not for the sole reason of being creative and unique but because it truly resonates with individuals in a way that others do not.

Logos Before and After 3

Inspire Brand Loyalty

A logo is the cornerstone of your brand and without one, your audience will not be able to identify your company and allow you to stand out from your competitors. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. It becomes an instantaneous trigger to the interactions and experiences they might have with that company. Often, a logo is the first thing that people see, and a well-designed logo is enough to hook a potential customer and leave a lasting impression, sort of like a brain tattoo.

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