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PEN America stands as a bulwark defending free expression, free assembly, the diversity of voices, and the force of reason. Louder Together is a rallying cry that has brought together thousands of writers and artists in one unified voice.



PEN America’s core mission—the freedom to write—undergirds the preservation and promotion of every social good that has made our country great. PEN wanted a graphic that could symbolize the movement and represent the organized protests. GreyBox used the resistance fist as the backbone of the branding for the movement. Within the makeup of the fist and fingers are speech boxes, which symbolize the many voices working together as one. The various boxes allowed flexibility for PEN to customize the graphic with words and phrases of their choosing. The main graphic of the fist holding the pen worked as the main identifier. We also created two different versions for RESIST, with a middle finger extended and ACCEPT, with the peace sign to allow for bolder messaging in the art. For the campaign, we created social media graphics and posters.


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