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LMCA are brand extension strategists. For over 30 years, LMCA has been an industry leader in strategic brand extension licensing and have helped some of the world’s best companies and leading brands grow in the United States and around the world. With offices worldwide, LMCA has structured deals that have products being sold in 60+ countries.



GreyBox first tweaked the LMCA brand by streamlining their identity, updating their corporate color palette and typography. After the identity update, we created a fully responsive website. The website was stripped of all excess content and information to primarily focus on delivering their message with limited words, bolder typography and a blend of simplistic icons and illustrations to deliver quick hit messaging. LMCA’s best selling point was their success with the brands they work with which resulted in the design of an extensive case study section of the site that allowed them to showcase their success stories. The case study section was also built to allow LMCA to easily update the site themselves as they continued building their portfolio.


"GreyBox was able to put a very current, modern, and relevant spin on our case studies."

Chief Marketing Officer, LMCA
Ted Curtin

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