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Luxury Big Island is a one of the world’s leading real estate agencies on the Big Island, known for professionalism, discretion and some of the most exclusive listings in Hawaii.  They tasked us with designing an exclusive package targeting high-net-worth individuals interested in exclusive listings.  The package houses a brochure which lists available properties, an overview of LBI and their distinguished reputation as one of the top realtors on the island.



GreyBox designed a custom mailing package that housed the brochure, a welcome letter and business card that went out to a select list of individuals.  The brochure capitalizes on the beautiful and dramatic views that are visible from each property and captures the essence of living in Hawaii. Following the branding we had already established for LBI, the custom folded package was printed with a combination of silver foil stamping and silver metallic inks on beautiful dark grey paper to create a bespoke and dignified piece targeting their core demographic of wealthy individuals looking for exclusive properties on the Big Island.


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