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Investment Professionals for Charity, IPC, non-profit organization comprised of investment professionals and friends throughout the country. Each holiday season, GreyBox has been tasked with creating invitations and event branding for their annual holiday parties in New York and Chicago.



For the 2015 IPC event, our design direction took us back to earlier times of tonics and elixir’s that were hyped and praised as a cure-all for many of life’s ailments. This idea became the backbone for the theme of the invitation and materials. Our fictitious Holiday Tonic and Elixir were touted as as effective solutions for shyness and awkwardness while helping bolster confidence, relieve fatigue and offer party goers proper stimulation for the event. To differentiate the two different city locations, we created a Wonder Tonic for New York and Vital Elixir for Chicago. Along with printed invitations and posters, we created digital HTML invites and online registration website for participants to RSVP.


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