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The Ian K. Katz Group is an innovative boutique residential real estate agency based in Manhattan which is focused on serving buyers and sellers of cooperatives, condominiums and townhouses in Manhattan and Brooklyn.



Since having the right people in our strategy workshops is essential for it’s effectiveness, Ian included a few trusted advisors for his small agency to round out the room. Having his attorney and several clients present proved to be an effective collection of minds that all contributed in paving the way for not only the strategic direction of his new website but several other valuable items that came out of the work session. Some of the most transformational things were; a change to the name of his business as well as a new branding and design for his exclusive listings portfolio.

The logo is a distinct simplistic wordmark lockup that easily identifies the firm as an established and professional real estate agency. The core color palette is anchored by a deep navy blue and paired with understated neutral tones of grey and tan, which strongly enforce the professionalism of the firm.

The Ian K. Katz group is focused primarily on sales in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The website aims to reinforce the idea of an agency with a hands on approach and a bespoke approach to property marketing. The overall clean aesthetic and simplistic layout, paired with photography of principal broker Ian Katz, as he engages with clients in a typical search process helps new clients understand the personal approach the firm provides. Personal case studies highlight the website which tell the stories of past clients, their goals and sales objectives and how these were met in the process.

"GreyBox excels at orienting on the big picture and being intuitive about our goals and helping to refine them."

Ian Katz, Founder

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