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Gramercy Surgery Center is a multi-specialty ambulatory surgery center in New York with locations in both Manhattan and Queens. They offer patients the convenience and accessibility of a local hospital in addition to the advanced technology and care. Their continued growth has led them to become one of the leading multi-specialty centers in NYC, specializing in twelve different services.



Gramercy Surgery Center had two different websites for their Manhattan and Queens location. GreyBox designed and developed a fully responsive website combining all content and information from their different locations into one updated and cohesive entity. The website showcases their numerous services and specialties and easily matches up patients with doctors. A new comprehensive Physician Directory easily allows patients to search for doctors quickly by location or specialty and provides them with all the physician’s information and locations. Physician Resources allow doctors to easily go online and book operating rooms for upcoming procedures and surgeries. We additionally added a more comprehensive News & Events section of the site to allow the staff to easily post different News, Events and Blog items related to the Center.


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