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Steps in Logo Design

The logo design is perhaps the most important element of every touchpoint a company will have with its customer. A touchpoint, according to brand development expert Marty Neumeier in ‘The Dictionary of Brand’ refers to “any place where people come in contact with a brand, including product use, packaging, advertising, editorial, movies, store, environments, company employees, and casual conversation.” Evidently, every company would want that experience to be an exciting, treasured one. What are the steps to creating a company logo? Check out this list below: Brainstorm. Know how you want your company to be represented. Sometimes it’s as simple as deciding which market you really want to target, and find inspiration from the most successful businesses in your industry. Moreover, you have to know what sets you apart from the competition, and leverage on this difference to be the selling point of your business and consequently, the main aspect to be represented visually by your logo. The founders, the marketing director, and the communications manager of an organization are some of the most important people who should sit and brainstorm on these things. Hire a good team. A good team will be able to help you refine the information you were able to gather during your brainstorming sessions, then present it in way that catches attention and promotes brand recall. Logo design, like all elements of marketing collaterals, may be handled by an in-house staff, or outsourced to a graphic design agency. Each has its own advantages: the former will be generally cheaper, and orienting the designer regarding the company profile will be much easier. The latter, on the other hand, brings the promise of a professional execution. Most agencies will also be more qualified to give input concerning the logo’s logistical requirements especially in relation to printing. Finally, because it is their livelihood, they are known to survey the trends, and will know what looks fresh and what looks dated, and especially what looks like the knockoff of another company’s logo. Promote a good balance between creativity and reason. Aside from the obvious questions regarding visual representation which is perhaps at the core of the logo design task, someone in the process should also be able to ask questions of viability. Are the colors used easy for printers to match? Will they look good together in whatever scale the logo appears? How much will the image cost to print on different media? Will the proposed image look presentable to a boardroom filled with representatives from the industry’s giants? This balance between creativity and reason may be promoted by putting together a team filled with creatives as well as non-creatives who may be able to provide an outsider’s point of view, or adhering to an approval process that also values the insight of the company’s prospective customers or clientele. To know more about logo design, get in touch with us at GreyBox Creative today. We are a New York-based company that employs a very qualified team of experts in all aspects of marketing – from corporate identity development, to brand management, to the design of marketing materials.

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