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Social Media Marketing: What to Post

In the previous blog entry, we talked about what you should not post on your company’s social media marketing platforms. This time, let us discuss what is actually worth posting, and which will improve your brand’s following and corporate identity. Good memes. The meme is perhaps the social media’s unique offering to the world of information-sharing. Often, memes are witty, funny, and relatable. The message is also typically short and very easy to digest, making the meme also easy to share. Good memes feature well-known pop culture icons (especially celebrities and lines from popular shows or movies), and a really short text that has a casual tone. If you have a creative team that can make original ones from time to time, memes will be a great addition to your repertoire of social media marketing materials, particularly as a breather between serious posts. Short videos. A good marketing team has a bank of multimedia for posting, including videos. These need not be shot at particular events; they can also be clips of daily operations within the company, or random shots of activities engaged in by your target market. Videos are good material because they approximate real life, and appeal to all senses (except maybe the sense of smell). And if you are targeting a young age group with your offerings, short videos are perfect for those with a limited attention span. Infographics and animation. These digital media are an ideal way to present what would otherwise be long, data-driven, and heavy information for your viewers. For instance, maybe you wanted to share the results of a recent survey that talked about the share of your brand in the industry. Instead of bombarding your page followers with names and figures and explanation, an infographic summarizes the information in a short, visually appealing way. It even becomes self-explanatory, most of the time. The same is true for animation, which is a better alternative if you would like to present a list of instruction. If making a short video is expensive for your company, animation may be the way to go. Just make sure that the script is well-written, that the figures are executed well by an experienced graphic artist, and that it is edited to appear crisp and engaging, with good background music to boot. Inspirational quotes. People like to be inspired, and especially by the most esteemed men and women of history. Create a list of people you feel are considered trustworthy by your target market, then find quotes that are verified to be theirs. You can lay out the quote as a text on a photo, which can then be shared via Instagram, versus just pasting a plain text on your status bar. The best case scenario is if the inspirational quote is something that the reader can directly associate with your business. Social media marketing is one of our fields of expertise at GreyBox Creative. Get in touch with us today to know how your company can master this new terrain, and produce the best results for your brand.

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