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Social Media Marketing: Alternative Ways to Schedule Posts

In social media marketing, it is not enough that you have good material. You must also know when to publish them, to draw the most traffic, especially from the right audience. That said, you need a good set of rules for scheduling your posts. Below are alternative ways for determining when it’s the best time to get a content out. Great results will come if you can fulfill several criteria at the same time. Medium. Some days, your page followers will enjoy a long read of up to four pages of a feature article. Other days, they might just want a good laugh over a short, funny video clip. And on still other occasions, they might find themselves willing to participate in a game, and even better, make their friends do it, too. The most popular pages on Facebook have enough variety in their content to promote engagement among their followers who come from different age groups and have different interests. You can then create a schedule that makes sure you offer a new type of content each day: be it an image, a video, an infographic, a puzzle, or just a plain shoutout. Geography. This is applicable for brands that cater to several markets or communities. Perhaps you’re a clothing brand headquartered in New York, but with satellite offices and operations in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia as well. You can make it as regular as having an Asia Day every Monday for updates, or have a rotational system, say, Europe updates every three days. The first system affords your page a sense of regularity so that your Asian customers will check on those days; the second may get them excited as well for what’s happening in your other markets. Source. It takes a certain degree of social media marketing savvy to realize that communities should not be all about the brand. These days, people also turn to the pages for information about their industry, or for their idols endorsing a particular product or service. Because of this, companies should strive to generate material from different sources, which could be a news site, an endorser, or a customer. This is in addition to posts from the management and the marketing team. From time to time, the CEO could also issue a message, but in a tone that is more casual for the general public, not too business-like for board meetings. Message. Finally, posts can be described based on their message. Are they promoting the company explicitly, or is there just a subtle reference? Or is it a neutral post, like, a global current event that is somehow related to the company? Neutral and positive (hard or soft-sell) must be alternated, so that page followers will not feel bombarded by promotions. To learn more about effective social media marketing techniques, partner with us here at GreyBox Creative. From our headquarters in New York, our pool of marketing professionals have successfully conducted SMO campaigns for a wide range of discerning clientele.

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