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Marketing Materials and Strategies You’re Probably Taking for Granted

When discussing efforts to promote their brand or products, most companies turn to their marketing team, which is then expected to develop the traditional set of marketing materials, from pamphlets and posters, to videos and radio adverts, among other media. In truth, there is a host of alternative venues you can use to boost your brand or your company, but which you are probably not taking advantage of. Here is a list of three of them. Speaking engagements. If you are a business owner or a company official, you will be invited to speak before a crowd at one point or another. During these events, you will be exposed to the ideal marketing scenario: in front of you is a captive audience, many of whom are most likely interested in what you have to say. You do not even have to directly speak of your business if it does not suit the occasion; the mere acknowledgment of your presence and of your affiliation will already help boost your company’s image. It goes without saying that you should be prepared with a good material, be dressed appropriately, and have a good copy of your CV that you can hand to the event organizers. Take it as a venue for networking as well: be ready with a set of business cards that you can give anyone you meet. Finally, be sure to have someone take photos of you at the event, and promptly post these on your company’s social media accounts. Community event sponsorship plus. If you are a small business catering to a community, you would most likely be asked to sponsor community events, such as town fairs or sports competitions participated in by local teams. But community event sponsorship is quite common and another business entity can always take your place, so you have to be extra creative and suggest something outside of the usual sponsorship package options. For example, instead of just providing beverages at a local youth activity, take the extra effort to bring in something more special and memorable, like a special prize, or the presence of a local celebrity. You can also sponsor meaningful efforts like tree-planting or beach cleanup to celebrate community holidays. Calls for internships. If employees are your best possible ambassadors, then interns should be the second best. Your company should then participate in school fairs where students can look for companies they can intern at. Prepare an internship program that is both fun and full of learning experience, one that they will surely remember forever. If they are good enough, you can even hire them after they graduate. Now that is a story involving your brand that they will surely love to share with their friends and relatives. To learn more about developing custom marketing materials and innovative marketing strategies, partner with our team here at GreyBox Creative. We take pride in our pool of experts in marketing solutions, as well as graphic designers who can construct effective promotional materials to build your brand.

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