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Important Details to Consider in Your Brand Design

Important Aspects of your Brand Design to Consider

Brand design is a comprehensive process that aims to create a company’s visual identity in all forms. A successful design can increase brand recognition and business value, attract new customers, and build trust. At GreyBox Creative, we focus on the key aspects of strategy and design to deliver high-quality branded solutions. Our comprehensive brand strategies and execution priorities are optimized to attract your ideal customer. Here’s an overview of six aspects of your design to consider:

1. Logo

The logo displays to customers who you are and should capture the essence of your brand. Successful logo designs are memorable so that people can instantly recognize and associate them with your business. The logo can increase brand awareness even among those not using your products/services. At GreyBox Creative, we strategize, conceptualize and execute an authentic logo for your company and audience.

2. Typography

Your brand’s typography is another defining element that helps encapsulate your company’s image. The font combinations communicate marketing messages and engage customers on your website, ads, print materials, and social media. We can help you choose the right font pairs that attract the target audience. Successful designs have legible, aesthetic, and brandable fonts.

3. Colors

Your brand’s color is featured in the logo, website, and other touchpoints customers interact with. Colors can affect how people perceive your brand. Some colors are warm, while others are clean, eco-friendly, and calm. Blue creates a calming effect that encourages people to trust your brand. Navy Blue is extremely common among financial brands to provide the customer that feeling of security and confidence, where red is dynamic. We can help you establish the best colors for your brand and its audience.

4. Icons

You can use icons to show your brand’s uniqueness and express complex details in a much simpler visual format. Icons are illustrated graphics that people can associate with specific products, services, or companies. GreyBox Creative can help you design icons with your brand’s main colors to unify the main style and identity and deliver a unique personality to your brand. We can also incorporate custom illustrations or iconography family on a website to identify each line of business that you offer to an international audience.

5. Layout

Your brand’s design has many elements that need to be organized. The elements should be positioned well for visual appeal and cohesion. The smallest thing like spacing in a layout can put off customers, so we spend time perfecting the spacing of text and images within a layout. GreyBox Creative also refines the layout for your website’s UI/UX, brochures, presentation decks, event booths and other graphics.

6. Imagery

Animations and imagery can enhance your brand’s front and offer more touchpoints for your audience. If you have the resources, you can invest in animation, motion design, and sound elements to create a library of digital assets. Photography styles, shapes, patterns, and brand aesthetics are all valuable imagery that can distinguish your brand from others. Every design in your ads and marketing media contributes to the imagery and brand perception.

Professional Brand Design

A successful brand design features fine-tuned key aspects to create an authentic presence. GreyBox Creative has an experienced team that can deliver high-quality solutions across all touchpoints. We create memorable brands to attract the ideal customer over and over. Our creative team focuses on understanding your brand to deliver professional solutions that elevate you above your competitors.

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