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How To Complete a Successful Corporate Rebranding

How To Complete a Successful Corporate Rebranding

Corporate rebranding is a strategic initiative that can help improve a company’s reputation, identity and overall business performance. If you’re considering rebranding, work with a brand design agency to improve your chances of your success. At GreyBox Creative, we help businesses adapt to changing customer expectations, business goals, and the evolving market by leading the rebranding process. Here are our top tips for completing a successful corporate rebranding:

Define Your Objectives

Your objectives for rebranding will guide the entire process. Some businesses rebrand to revitalize a stale brand image, others want to better align with customer needs in the changing market, and some because of foundational shifts like mergers and acquisitions. At GreyBox Creative, we start our projects by meeting with company stakeholders to understand their goals for rebranding. We then recommend suitable actions based on our findings.

Recommendations are different for every company. A partial rebrand may be enough to revitalize your image and meet customer expectations. This typically involves changing your brand’s specific aspects, like your logo or marketing strategies. A total rebrand is necessary when your company undergoes significant changes, like mergers and acquisitions for example.

Identify Your Audience and Market

Your rebranding should align with your target audience and current market to succeed. Without proper market research, you’ll operate solely from an internal perspective, which is risky, as your information may be imperfect or incomplete. We research and analyze our clients’ industries, competitors, and target markets. This helps us identify aspects of their current branding that need to be improved to better their positioning in their industries, beat competitors, and attract new leads or customers.

Craft Your Brand Identity

Once you know what your target market wants, you can move on to the creative process of crafting your new brand identity. At GreyBox Creative, we have expert designers ready to help create key foundational visual elements that reflect your company’s desired positioning. These elements include your logo, brand typography, color palette, and fonts. We’ll make sure these elements are consistent across all touchpoints, including your website and printed marketing materials.

Create a Compelling Brand Story

A powerful brand story can evoke emotions among consumers and set you apart from competitors. It can also help customers feel more connected to your brand. At GreyBox Creative, we work closely with companies to identify the “why” behind their rebranding. This helps us create brand stories that help facilitate profound connections with ideal customers.

Launch Your Rebrand

Plan a rebranding launch to inform pertinent stakeholders like clients and partners about your new identity, vision, mission, and values. We can help all aspects of your rebranding to simplify communicating your new brand ideology. Communicate through channels that target your audience. You can plan a press release, post on your social media channels, use print media or announce the rebranding on radio or TV. Make sure your message remains consistent throughout all your chosen channels so that people recognize your brand.

Work With a Brand Design Agency

GreyBox Creative is a leading brand design agency committed to helping companies with their rebranding efforts. Our team along with our extended team of partners has renowned brand strategists, to craft and execute clients’ brand strategies and help with the rollout. We’re committed to helping elevate small and medium sized businesses compete with larger global organizations. Do you have a rebranding initiative that you would like to discuss with our experienced team?

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