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GreyBox Creative Identified as Top NYC Branding Agency in 2017

In a recent report that covers ongoing research of leading B2B service providers in New York, GreyBox Creative was identified as a top NYC branding agency in 2017. The research is attributed to Clutch, a ratings and reviews platform based in Washington, DC. The companies featured on their platform range from agencies in the advertising and marketing, IT services and development, and public relations industries, but one of their strongest and most wide-spread segments is their coverage of branding agencies.

Our presence on Clutch has spanned a few years now, and we were even featured as a leading branding agency in 2016 as well. We’re incredibly excited that we’ve maintained our position on their platform and are still recognized for our strength in providing creative and results-driven work for our clients.

There are a few components that contribute to our ranking on Clutch’s platform. First, Clutch analysts evaluate our ability to deliver results for our clients by looking at the services we offer, the types of clients we serve, and examples of projects we’ve completed as showcased on our website.

Most importantly, our ranking on Clutch is dependent on the reviews our clients give us via firsthand interviews they conduct with analysts at Clutch. The interviews are lengthy discussions that are aimed to derive a personal and accurate understanding of our client partnerships. The interviews are then converted to written reviews that can be accessed in full through our Clutch profile.

Our clients, as great as they are, have been gracious enough to speak on our behalf at

GreyBox Creative, providing a brief glimpse into their experiences of partnering with our firm. Here are some of the things they’ve shared:

  • “They’re very good at discovering what the meaning of the identity should be and then translating that visually.” – Owner, Angle Park, Inc.
  • “GreyBox excels at orienting on the big picture and being intuitive about our goals and helping to refine them.” – Founder, Real Estate Company
  • “They took the time to understand our organization and thus reflect it fully.” – Director of Communications, PEN America
  • “Anything that slowed down the project was always my fault. GreyBox Creative was incredibly responsive.” – Vice President, In-Line Realty Inc.

There are thousands of companies that participate on Clutch’s platform, making it supremely difficult to stand out as a leading provider. The GreyBox Creative team is incredibly proud that as a result of our dedication to our clients and our growing expertise of the branding industry, we’ve been able to distinguish ourselves as a strong and capable agency that stands out amongst the rest in New York. Our plan is to continue doing what we’re doing to claim the top spot in 2018!

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