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Common Misconceptions about Graphic Design Services

We have entered an era in marketing and advertising that puts greater value in graphic design services than ever before. Today, a lot of campaigns, especially those communicated digitally, are anchored on strong graphic design concepts. However, many businesses still fail to understand the nature of graphic design. Below are common misconceptions of companies regarding agencies, preventing them from making the most out of this service. They are only for creative campaigns. Most businesses resist the urge to hire professional graphic artists unless they are implementing creative campaigns and tasks, say, overhauling the company logo design, or perhaps building a new concept store. But graphic design is about conveying the company’s message in a visually appealing way – therefore something they will need even in accomplishing the most simple corporate communications task. Developing a website and printing the corporate brochure both require the input of a graphic designer regarding page readability, attractiveness, and balance between the text and the graphics, the content and the blank spaces. Moreover, designers can work on the presentation of data such as in mobile device interface or infographic for educational publications, or assist in store and product design, with some specializing in creating unique user or customer experience. They are the company’s hand extension. Graphic design services are often misconstrued as an extension of company’s hand. They are simply told to execute a design that’s already been conceptualized. Graphic designers can in fact be already involved as early as the conceptualization stage. What is important is for the marketing goals to be set, along with the company’s corporate communication guidelines that they can refer to. This way, the artists can also contribute to the discussion about the viability of the campaign, and come up with designs accordingly. Most of the time, they are very used to collaborating with writers, photographers, and marketing experts in a professional setting. Their output can also be produced by non-professionals. Companies trying to cut on the costs of marketing forego the assistance of professional artists. In truth, their talent and experience cannot easily be replaced by someone from the corporate communications team who happens to know “a little bit of Photoshop.” In many instances, they can also help the company save on the costs of developing the promotional materials: They can share their wisdom drawn from having worked with printing companies and using different media. They are trained to think of designs that do not only catch the eye, but also appeal to their emotions, through a combination of such elements as typography, colors, and shapes. For crafting effective and creative marketing collaterals for your company’s product and service offerings, contact us today here at GreyBox Creative. We are a New York-based professional graphic design services provider that works with a wide range of clients – from the financial services, to the real estate, to the food and beverage, and healthcare sectors. We take pride in fashioning promotional materials after these latest trends in the design and business community. To know more, visit us at today.

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