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Social Media Marketing: What Not to Post

Nov 30, 2015

Social media marketing guidelines usually present long lists of amazing things to post on social media platforms. But very few explicitly talk about the unwritten rules of the business. What are the things that you should not post on a company’s community page? Check out this list. Hoaxes. It’s easier said than done, most of…

Brand Development: Why Truth in Advertising is Important

Nov 15, 2015

Truth in advertising is a valued principle in brand development and management. Truth in advertising simply means conveying in one’s advertising materials (from print ads to TV and radio commercials to Facebook adverts) only what your company can actually deliver. Your company should also be committed to the corollary: deliver as your advertising materials state….

SMO Hacks: Facebook Community Management

Oct 30, 2015

With over a billion users across the globe and counting, around 70 percent of which are active at least on a monthly basis (data as of June 2015), Facebook is truly a very potent SMO platform for building a community around your company or product brand. How can your community manager make the most out…

GreyBox selected as a Leading NYC Branding Agency

Oct 15, 2015

Typically, we try to maintain a sense of modesty on our blog, and limit our postings to pieces that we feel are directly applicable to the needs of our clients, and our client’s clients. However, we’re breaking with tradition today and taking some time to brag about ourselves, and announce our inclusion as one of…

Social Media Marketing: Alternative Ways to Schedule Posts

Oct 15, 2015

In social media marketing, it is not enough that you have good material. You must also know when to publish them, to draw the most traffic, especially from the right audience. That said, you need a good set of rules for scheduling your posts. Below are alternative ways for determining when it’s the best time…