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We Endeavor

We Endeavor is a non-profit organization, which empowers professionals & students to create educational opportunities. Using the power of social networking, they create communities of learning beyond those available through conventional institutions by mobilizing the unused human potential of qualified professionals and empowering them to fulfill educational needs by sharing their knowledge with nearby individuals, communities, and schools.


The we endeavor logo works along the principle philosophy of the organization. Tudors and mentors can help the younger generation grow and flourish. The logo is anchored by the larger figure with the surrounding individuals learning and growing through and around it. The overall icon is formed in the shape of a tree but also has the energy of the sun. The logo bursts outward, symbolic of growth.
The colors of we endeavor were chosen carefully. The organization was looking for a bright and energetic identity but did not want the colors to be “too” bright, as though they catered strictly to a very young demographic. We decided to take the base colors of orange, green, blue and purple and give them some depth and seriousness to their intensity. By darkening the palette a bit, the organization still has vibrancy but differentiates itself with a serious side also.
Shapes pulled from the logos form allowed us to create background textures and graphics. The negative space inside the logo allowed us to pull out a star form which also allowed for additional branding elements moving forward.