Our Work

US Open

Each Summer Reservoir Capital would invite clients and friends to come join them in their corporate box and experience the tennis action up close. Capturing the excitement of this sporting event in an innovative way was our goal each year. Always thinking outside the box we create unique invitations as well as unique packaging to excite their clients about the upcoming tournament.


Each year as the summer comes to an end the US Open tennis tournament begins. For several years in a row Reservoir Capital would invite their clients, to join them in Queens, to experience the tournament first hand. We developed several creative and innovative invitations to get clients and friends excited about the September tournament, each time pushing the envelop and trying to surpass the creativity from previous year.
The invitation was mailed out in empty tennis ball containers. A custom label was designed and wrapped around the tennis ball cans. An additional lable was designed to go on the mailing tube that would hold the tennis cans and be mailed out.
The invitation was a series of long slender cards that held all the event details along with the schedules for the US Open. The cards were held together with a single grommet to allow for the entire piece to be fanned out and easily read. Additionally, ticket holders were designed to be sent out to recipients, which held general information and had their tickets enclosed for the matches that they requested.