Our Work

Tyger Media

Tyger Media is a boutique media production company located in Miami. They are involved in the production, promotion and design for many hip and creative endeavors. The specialize in music, television, special event coordination attracting media attention and buzz around each of their projects.


With the name based off a tiger, options seemed limitless and there were many creative directions we explored. From graphical treatments of the tigers face and body to abstract typgraphy with tiger strips. The client was gravitating towards a more abstract treatment and not something so literal. The final logo was created by taking points and distinctions of a tigers face and implementing the letterforms of the T and M to achieve a bold and unique logo. The graphic cuts and structure is a nice abastraction of a tiger while not being so literal in style.
We customized the typeface for Tyger Media to work in conjunction with the logo. The color palette deviates away from the standard orange and black. The client always had a strong proclivity towards purple so this was the base color along with black and silver to round out the uniqueness of the identity.