Our Work

Multiphase Engineering

Multiphase Engineering provides consulting services and software products to the petroleum and petrochemical industries. It specializes in the diagnosis and resolution of four-phase flow issues: oil, water, gas, sludge, or solids flowing simultaneously in pipelines and horizontal wells.


GreyBox fully rebranded Multiphase Engineering. The first step of the rebrand was the logo. The logo is directly tied to the core of what Multiphase does. The analysis and diagnosis of pipelines is the core of their business. Overall, the logo is a simplistic mark, capturing the aesthetics of the pipes of a pipeline, with it's smooth contour and flowing nature. It is a combination of the “m” and “e” letterforms, with the “m” at the forefront.
The stationery system contained many different specialty elements. The business cards were designed with the thought of soft touch aqueous coating, to give them suede-like smooth finish. Letterheads were double sided with patterns applied to the back sides of the sheets. Mailing and oversized envelopes were custom designed with full ink coverage throughout on both the outside and inside. Additionally, we designed compliments card and custom labels for envelopes and packaging.
We designed Powerpoint templates for employees to use for presentations. The templates provided were fully branded so employees would easily be able to select core fonts, colors and graphics and stay within branding standards. Additionally, we designed MS Word templates to be used for service proposals. The Word documents were fully branded with fonts and colors to also ensure employees could easily prepare proposals with no issues.
A single page temporary web page to offer general information about the company and services they offer.