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Manhattan Athletic Club

Mac Gym is one of the premier gyms in midtown Manhattan located on Park Avenue next to Grand Central Station. This hidden gem has state-of-the-art equipment, access to a team of expert personal trainers and licensed physical therapists along with a basketball court and golf similar. There is no need to carry a gym bag to this premier facility since the gym offers permanently assigned lockers and full laundry services.


GreyBox redesigned this midtown Manhattan gyms website after they approached us with a goal to capture the eye of working executives in the Midtown area. Their clientele is made up of executives that often use the facilities during the day working out or take classes during lunch. One of the goals for the site is that it will appeal to the current older male demographic as well as attract a slightly younger female demographic. We hired a photographer to capture the uniqueness of the facility and he included the right mix of people captured in their workouts and classes.