Our Work


Domus is non-profit outreach organization that helps youths and their families experience success. Through charter schools, residential programs, and community programs they enable kids and families to reach their full potential. Children learn independent living and job skills, improving their academic performance, and developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


The Domus logo was the springboard for the bright and colorful pieces. The Domus organization had fantastic photography accumulated over the years of many of the children within the organization. The photos truly helped capture the emotion and vibrancy of the children that the organization helps. Throughout each of the pieces we chose to crop in tightly on the imagery to showcase the children and their emotions. The photos were all colorized to match with the Domus colors throughout.
With content and materials constantly changing, the folder needed to be something that would capture the spirit of the organization and be able to have a shelf life longer than just a few months. The standard pocket folder can house any materials that they needed to distribute.
In addition to the folder, we designed a foldout brochure for Domus. The brochure was four panels that folded in and out which highlighted the history, mission and services that Domus provided. The same color and photography direction used on the pocket folder were carried through to the brochure as well. The final piece was created at a size to be able to fit within the pocket folder.