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CREW New York

CREW New York provides educational programs and networking opportunities that contribute to the career growth of professionals within all segments and levels of the real estate industry. They offer opportunities to network and engage with women in real estate through luncheons, breakfasts, seminars, lectures and cocktail events. These events are designed to enhance the professional knowledge and skills of the members.


CREW New York is a new chapter in New York City, part of the Crew Network that was the result of a merger of its two longstanding chapters in the New York City market. They were looking for a bold and unified new identity that represented the new chapters goals and vision moving forward.

For the new logo, we felt the best representation for the organization based in New York City were the skyscraper buildings which are the backbone and immediate identifer of New York City and tie in directly with commercial real estate. Contained within a box, the building extends down to help form a dialog box, representive of speaking, talking and interaction, all core components of the organization and their strong value of direct interaction and sharing with one another to propel one another forward.