Our Work

Big Apple Circus

The Circus has been entertaining New Yorkers for many years and was the location of a yearly event held by Reservoir Capital. The event was put together as a client appreciation event, which entertained their client’s along with their families. GreyBox was challenged each year to creatively wow the potential attendees with captivating invitations displaying exciting graphics and specialty printing, binding and finishing techniques. This holiday event took place in 2006.


The theme of the Big Apple Circus for the year was a throwback to old days of the circus where one would experience the nostalgic thrills of bygone days. Taking this into account, we created an invitation that took cues from the old days. We custom designed all the patterns that would be the backdrop for the invitation. Images provided by the Big Apple Circus were old watercolor images of acts from the old days. We chose one typeface that we felt was a great representation from circus’ of the past and altered the sizing, color and layout throughout the entire invite.
An outer mailing envelope was created to hold all the materials. The goal of the envelope was to immediately grab the attention of the recipient and create a sense of wonder and excitement as they opened the invite. The main invite and event details were printed on two separate cards. These were wrapped along with the RSVP card and envelope in a thin textured parchment paper and tied together with twine. The paper chosen for the outer package and invitation cards was textured and speckled with grain and dots to add to the “old time” feel.