Our Work

The Baseball Center NYC

This 15,000 square foot training facility is the premier baseball-training center in New York City. Established in 2000, it provides the highest level of baseball and softball instruction in Manhattan. Staffed with an elite roster of professional coaches they provide; private lessons, clinics, birthday parties, summer camps and batting cage rentals. Children, adults and even professional baseball players utilize this Upper West Side facility to fine-tune their swing and field grounders.


The Baseball Center approached GreyBox to help distinguish them as a premier baseball and softball facility for kids of all ages in New York City. The only current branding they had was an abstract graphic of an old beat up baseball. This symbolized their vision of old school values that they teach at the fundamental level of instruction. We took the reins and designed a bold and engaging graphic identity. We cleaned up the baseball graphic and paired it with bold typography.
The color palette was a combination of the two New York professional teams, the Yankees and Mets. Since the common ground was blue, we used blue as the primary color and secondary colors of grey, orange and black. For certain applications we "beat up" the text and imagery with texture effects.
The 12-page brochure is to be used at the facility as a sales piece along with an overview for kids and parents. It highlighted the programs and services the facility provides. The piece was designed with a customized pocked built into the back cover to allow for handouts, schedules and specific class information to be slipped in.
Our goal for the look and feel was to stay away from anything glossy or shiny. The overall piece has a very textured and beat up and worn look. Throughout all the pages, we texturized everything from the typography, photos and even the paper. The paper chosen was an uncoated heavily textured laid paper that added the additional aesthetic we were looking for.