The most effective visual brands are built on a strategic foundation.

That means that before designing your identity or your website, it’s immensely beneficial to take some time to answer fundamental questions about who you are, what you offer, and who you serve. This helps ensure that the creative work reflects the image that needs to be projected.

Together we offer a complete 360 branding solution, but we know that not everyone needs or can afford this. So Tronvig Group has created a more affordable guided tutorial using their foundational tool, the Brand Pyramid.

The Brand Pyramid is the first step in creating a more coherent and valuable brand. It is meant to be built in a workshop that brings together different people and perspectives in your organization. It gives you clarity about fundamental brand strategy questions and helps you build consensus around the answers to those questions. Ultimately, it helps a company become a better-functioning operation and essentially becomes a company's branding and marketing playbook.

The Brand Pyramid outtake document improves the creative process. It’s the product of a robust dialogue between employees, which sparks new insights and ideas that would never come up in a basic question and answer segment. Should it be whimsical or serious? Contemporary or traditional? Bright or subdued? Strategy keeps the design process focused and minimizes the role of personal taste.

It’s not about you, the CEO, the Vice President, or Jane in accounting. Instead of designing to appease individuals within the firm, the Brand Pyramid allows us to design for the target audience.
Our video tutorial package gives you support along the way. Here’s what you get:

Access to the 7 part video series.
There's a prologue to the Brand Pyramid and Tronvig Group's reasoning, a video for each of the five levels of the Brand Pyramid, and an informative supplement with tips on the most proficient method to run a fruitful workshop.

3 hours of counseling time by telephone.
We'll answer your inquiries and set you up to run your Brand Pyramid workshop. Afterward, we'll audit the results and enable you to refine it. Finally, we’ll bring in our creative team to talk about applying your Brand Pyramid visually.

Brand Pyramid worksheet.
We'll give you a manual for conceptualizing and refining your response to each of the five inquiries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it just a series of videos to sit back and watch?
It is a series of seven videos, each are roughly fifteen minutes long, but it’s far more than just sitting back and watching a video. We provide three consulting calls along the way as well as include a worksheet to fill in with your team. The first call is the beginning of the engagement, one in the middle and one at the end to help finalize your brand pyramid and solidify your game plan.
Q: Why was this branding video series tutorial created?
The branding tutorial was created for businesses or nonprofit organizations who are looking to engage a branding agency for creative work but do not have a budget set aside to establish a solid strategy. The video series helps you utilize the Brand Pyramid which is a powerful tool that helps you and your team understand your customer, culture and competition and come to an agreed upon criteria before moving onto any creative execution.
Q: Who specifically within the organization should watch the seven part videos series?
The video series was made for the marketing director, or person in charge of sales and marketing that can lead your internal team through the process to get the answers to five key questions in the Brand Pyramid. It’s not necessary for any of your team members to view all seven parts of the video but the first video does a good job of framing what the other parts of the video will cover as well as shows a five minute clip of an actual in person workshop that displays the importance of this strategic work.
Q: At the end of this process what will we have?
You have an outtake document that will now override the many personal preferences opinions that often creep into the creative approval process.
Q: Who is the best person to lead the workshops?
It’s best if the CEO or the leader of the organization does not lead the workshops. Often it’s the person in charge of marketing that would be best fit to lead this or any employee thats a good facilitator.
Q: Who should we involve in the process?
Each situation is unique and who should be part of the process depends greatly on the type or size of your organization. Generally speaking a diverse group (5-20 people) throughout different levels of the organization yields the best results.
Q: Can this be used for a product?
Yes—but any conditions, or limitations will be established on the first consulting call.
Q: How long does this process typically take?
On average it takes about 4 weeks to complete the process from start to finish, however a motivated client can complete the process in 1-2 weeks.
Q: What materials are needed for us to perform the workshop?
An easel or blackboard with large sticky back paper works well for organizations who prefer an old school approach. If your organization is more digital a Google Doc that is populated on a large screen in front of the room works well too. Any solution that will allow you to jot down ideas that can be seen by your entire group will work well. The supplied worksheet should be printed and brought to the workshop so you can include your answers that you will share with us during the consulting sessions.
Q: Is it essential for the CEO to be part of the workshop?
Yes, it’s important for the leader of your organization to be part of the workshop. There are often some powerful developments, changes that come up of this work and it’s important for the CEO to understand and be part of the process to understand the genesis of it all. If the CEO is not able to be part of the Brand Pyramid work then they must be prepared to endorse and sign off on the final outtake or it will become just another useless piece of paper. mid and solidify your game plan.
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